Nemo Forte 20 ($200)

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32°F ISO Comfort, 22°F Lower Limit

2 lb. 14 oz.

29 oz. of synthetic (PrimaLoft RISE)

A roomy and comfortable synthetic bag.

Bulky, although we do like the included compression sack.

When backpacking, we nearly always prefer down sleeping bags instead of synthetics. They are lighter and offer greater warmth to the weight. Nemo tried to fill this gap by supplying the Forte with compact PrimaLoft RISE insulation. We think we believe they’ve done an excellent job overall cutting down on bulk. The bag has the spacious shape and spaciousness of the Disco above, and adds 32deg ISO Comfort rating (the Disco is rated at 25deg) and cuts down by a substantial $100 off the cost. Add a luxuriously soft interior and you’ll get a comfy set-up for side sleepers as well as those who want a little more space.

Despite the many positives there is a steep struggle to compare Nemo Forte to other sleeping bags. Nemo Forte to a down sleeping bag. In the same temperature range that a down bag has, it is usually smaller and lighter. However, the main benefit for this bag is its comfort in comparison to other synthetics. The Marmot Trestles Eco below is designed to be tapered as the traditional mummy bags, however, the Forte has more room around knees and elbows (for 8 oz. weight penalty). The gills are also a plus that allow you to let heat out without unzipping the bag completely, as well as the included compression bag. Overall the Forte isn’t the best however it’s a great alternative from Nemo for a reasonable price.