Nemo Flyer ($120)

Table of Contents

Self-inflating/air pad

1 lb. 7 oz.

2 in.


The thickness of an air pad and reliability of a self-inflating model.

Thin 20-denier shell.

Nemo’s Flyer belongs in its own category as a self-inflating air pad that combines the best aspects of the two styles. In creating this Flyer, Nemo took the concept of a self-inflating pad and cut down to 60 as well as included insulation and comfort through air-filled baffles. The outcome is an inflatable mat light at just 1 7 lbs, is simple to put together (it’s self-inflating) and fairly compact with a dimension of 6.5 10 inches. It’s also important to note that the Flyer has the supportive soft cushioning that comes with a self-inflating pad which helps keep you from the ground in the case that there is the possibility of a leak.

What is the price you pay for what you sacrifice with the Nemo Flyer? With a 20-denier shell it’s as susceptible to punctures like the brand’s more lightweight Tensor but (as we’ve mentioned earlier) it will at the very least provide some cushioning foam in the Flyer to ensure you’re safe should the pad make punctured. It’s a little more expensive and isn’t as warm as the Therma-Rest ProLite Plus, however the Nemo has the edge in the thickness (2 in. vs. 1.5 in.) and the size of the bag (6.5 10 inches. as opposed to. 6.8 11 inches for the Therma-Rest). If you’re looking to have self-inflating but prefer to keep your build lightweight and compact The Flyer is worth a look.