Nemo Disco 15 ($300)

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25°F ISO Comfort, 14°F Lower Limit

2 lbs. 11 oz.

22 oz. of 650-fill down

: A roomy and comfortable sleeping bag for those who toss and turn.

Heavier and bulkier than slimmer-cut bags with similar temperature ratings.

Nemo has a way of doing things different with their sleeping bags and they’re a huge success with comfort seekers and side sleepers. Instead of slender mummy shapes which trim the dimensions to reduce weight off, Nemo uses the “spoon”-shaped concept based on the Disco. The emphasis is on comfort. The bag is more spacious than a standard mummy especially in the knees and elbows, which means that side sleepers and other can move around freely without feeling limited. The Disco utilizes 650-fill, PFC-free hydrophobic material and a waterproof membrane surrounding the foot box for extra protection, as well as a built-in sleeves for pillows. To allow for ventilation, there are the two zip-up “gills” which run lengthwise across on the upper part of the bag and unzipping them creates cold spots that release hot air during warm weather. We have discovered that the system is beneficial on nights with mild temperatures.

The main drawbacks of Nemo Disco are its size and weight. Nemo Disco are weight and bulk. First, the wide-open design which results in larger space means more material and down fill are needed. With a weight of 2 pounds and eleven ounces in the standard size Disco 15, Disco 15 is a bit heavy. Disco 15 is far from ultralight. It’s also not helping to know that Nemo makes use of 650-fill down for the bag. This is definitely middle-of-the-road (check for our 800-fill Riff 15 for a lighter, but costlier alternative). However, if the large size and unique features are appealing to you, then the Disco 15 is a great alternative. If you’re looking for a comfy plastic bag made by Nemo for less than $100 look at below for the Forte 20 below.