Fuel type:



15.3 oz.

Integrated pot


What we like:

Excellent windy-weather performance for less than the Reactor above.

What we don’t:

No built-in igniter and a little heavy.

Like like the Jetboil Flash above, the MSR WindBurner is a great integrated stove option for cooking in the backcountry that is mostly boiling water. We like the design that is windproof after lighting the stove and locking everything in place the burner is enclosed and brings the water to a boil fast even in windy conditions (this could be a weak point for Jetboil models, as they leave more of the stove open). Regarding quality almost everything on this stove, from the honeycomb burner to the lid –is made well and has held up well with the years. The cost for the WindBurner is a bit high at $170. However, it’s a top backpacking stove in general.

Why do you think this the MSR WindBurner ranked here? The additional weather protection is not enough for many backpackers in the summer, and, in our view, is not worth the extra $55 in price compared to that of the Jetboil Flash. In addition it is worth noting that the WindBurner will take longer to boil the same liter of water as the Flash in 4 minutes and 30 seconds (it produces 7700 BTUs vs. that of the Flash’s 9,900) and doesn’t come with an easy-to-ignite built-in igniter. However, for those who travel to areas with high winds and an extensive amount of sunlight this is an all-in-one premium stove that is 100 less than above Reactor. MSR is currently adding Duo and Group stove systems to its WindBurner line. They feature larger pots and the ability to connect canisters remotely (for greater performance in cold weather) and the ability to cook.

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