Fuel type:



11.2 oz.

Integrated pot


What we like:

Multi-fuel compatibility and an invertible canister.

What we don’t:

Expensive and a bit heavy.

There are many variables that influence the functionality and performance of a backpacking stove which is why cold temperatures are just one of the most significant causes. The most vulnerable style is an ordinary canister stove: They depressurize when temperatures are below freezing temperatures, which hampers the flow of heat to the stove. The most effective solution for cold weather campers is to use a liquid-fuel stove (the integrated pump lets you to control the level of temperature) and a cooktop that has remote canisters which can be turned in. In this class our top pick can be found in the MSR WhisperLite Universal, a long-running, reliable workhorse with the capability to run using liquid fuel as well as remote (read the invertable) canister.

The WhisperLite Universal isn’t cheap It’s not expensive, but it’s the most flexible choice here. For mild temperatures, you will get an efficient canister stove with great control of flames in a user-friendly package. Are you experiencing colder temperatures than you expected? Simply flip the canister. In frigid temperatures liquid fuel is undoubtedly the most reliable option. Additionally, it has multi-fuel capabilities (you can include everything from white gas up to unleaded gasoline or kerosene into the bottle for fuel) The Universal is our top choice for international travel, since white gas and canisters can be difficult to locate. The best part? It’s tough, simple to clean and repair and fairly light.

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