Fuel type:



1 lb. 2 oz.

Integrated pot


What we like:

Efficient burner and fast boil time, no matter the weather.

What we don’t:

Expensive, relatively heavy, and doesn’t simmer.

The MSR Reactor is the most expensive of our choices by a large distance, but you’ll find an easier stove to boil melt snow or boiling water in arid conditions. The sturdy housing, powerful and robust stove (9,000 BTUs) and its sturdy design make it among the top stoves we’ve tested for cooking in mountainous regions such as Peru, Nepal, and deep within the North Cascades. In fact, during an earlier backpacking trip to Patagonia the MSR boiling water was four times as fast as it did the Jetboil Stash and was significantly more efficient in winds of high. While the Reactor isn’t ultra-light at 14.7 pounds for the 1 liter model (it also has 1.7L pots and 2.5L pots) It’s still competitive with all-in-one systems such as MiniMo above (13.1 ounces) and the Flash Above (13.1 pounds.) in addition to the MiniMo beneath (14.6 oz. ).

It’s hard to deny that the Reactor is the most popular of stoves that can be used in backpacking however, not all users will be required to shell out to get a stove with such an impressive design. At $270, it’s considerably higher than top-performing models such as those from the Jetboil Flash ($115) and MiniMo ($155) as well as, unlike other stoves (including MiniMo) it’s not able to cook. Furthermore, those who are confined to forests aren’t going to require this kind of windproof flame and will not want to carry such an oversized and heavy model. If you’re willing to invest in the product it’s clear it that Reactor is the best choice. Reactor is the best of the collection for serious backpackers as well as climbers who are frequenting alpine areas. Also, it’s worth noting that the MSR WindBurner is below that is priced at $100 less and produces less power (7,000 BTUs) However, it offers excellent performance in high winds.

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