Floor area:

83 sq. ft.

Peak height:

77 in.


4P, 6P


14 lbs.

What we like:

Standing-height interior and vertical sidewalls make this a great option for families.

What we don’t:

Pricier and less durable than the Wonderland 6; only one door.

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MSR is most well-known for their high-end camping tents and four-season ones, however their Habitude series takes aim at the top camping options, such as those of the REI Wonderland and Marmot Limestone above. Like both tents in design, the MSR is an ideal choice for families that require a standing height interior, a large floor area as well as a complete feature set including plenty of interior storage. MSR is well-known for its robust construction and the Habitude is no different, with an impressively robust pole structure, as well as a the addition of a polyurethane coating to protect against water. Although the walls may not be as straight as those of Wonderland or Limestone (or our top-rated Wawona) and this results in a little less space inside, however the price is resilience in high winds.

The Habitude is stacked up against the similarly-constructed and designed Wonderland 6, the Habitude offers a comparable floor area and height at its peak, however it’s less than 8 pounds. It’s also significantly more weather-proof thanks to a full-coverage rainfly and an inbuilt porch light, which makes access and exit in the dark more convenient (a small , but thoughtful addition). However, we rate the Wonderland higher as it’s more durable, has 2 doors (the Habitude only has one however the REI does not have vestibules) and is priced around 60 dollars less. Both are great choices for families. Ultimately, your final choice will boil down to your preference for cost the weight, livability, and price.


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