MPOWERD Luci Solar String Lights + Charger ($50)


11.3 oz.

Max lumens:



Rechargeable (USB and solar)

What we like:

A fun alternative to traditional lanterns for great campsite ambiance.

What we don’t:

Lacking in versatility..

The majority of campers use traditional lanterns to provide illumination however, If you’re looking to create an intimate and distinctive ambiance String lights are an alternative that is fun. The MPOWERD Luci Solar is our favorite outdoor-ready designthat combines several of the features we appreciate in a top-quality lantern. It has an 18-foot braided nylon cable made up of 10 LEDs which can be strung over trees or tents or any other structures. Similar to it’s counterpart, the LuminAID PackLite Max above, Luci Solar is also a great choice for outdoor use. Luci Solar also sports an integrated solar panel as well as a USB port to charge mobile devices in addition to an excellent indicator of battery life as well as a LED light. They’re a significant upgrade from lighting fixtures that are plug-in.

What are the benefits of using string lights such as Luci Solar? What are the advantages of using string lights like Luci Solar instead of a conventional lantern? The most significant benefit is flexibility that the lanterns below and above can be erected pretty anyplace within a matter of minutes however, those with MPOWERD lights will take some patience and time to set up. If the campsite is an open space with no trees or other locations to easily fix them, it could require some serious thinking and imagination. However, these problems are common for the course with string lights and are an unquestionably entertaining and imaginative alternative for outdoor gatherings, vanlifers and camping trips for groups. If you’re looking for alternatives, MPOWERD also offers the lights that come with six different color options at the same cost and Nite Ize’s Radiant rechargeable Shineline Lights are less expensive at $20, however they don’t have the USB port, and come with shorter (10 feet.) length of cord.


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