MPOWERD Luci Outdoor 2.0 Inflatable Solar Lantern ($25)


4.4 oz.

Max lumens:



Rechargeable (USB and solar)

What we like:

A light and collapsible solar-powered lantern for just $25.

What we don’t:

Most campers will want something brighter.

MPOWERD has made a swift name for itself in the solar lantern industry with a wide range of lights for string and inflatable models designed for off-grid adventures. In the same line like MPOWERD’s Luci Solar String Lights above they also have the Luci outdoor 2.0 inflatable solar lamp an excellently designed model featuring a variety of features that are useful. The rechargeable battery can last at least 24 hours with a single charge, and has a three-dot indicator that shows the level of juice and you can place the lamp directly in sunlight and use it as a solar-powered panel. We also like the lightweight and portable design that is about 1 inch thick when deflated . It weighs only 4.4 pounds, which is ideal for putting in the duffel bag or a full bin of camping equipment. With a price of only $25 it’s the Luci Outdoor 2.0 is the most affordable solar-powered choice on our list, and a great value.

What will you lose when you save money with the MPOWERED Luci Outdoor 2.0? In contrast to other models with solar panels that are available, the Luci does not have the ability to charge electronics that is an issue for long, remote trips (you’ll probably need to carry an extra bank for charging your smartphone). Similar to it’s sibling, the LuminAID PackLite Max, the MPOWERD’s strap isn’t built for attachment to a backpack and is too bulky to hang in the REI Grand Hut 6-tent. Additionally, the 75-lumen output — while functional for camping use, it is not the brightness of similarly-equipped models such as those from LuminAID (150 lumens) and Goal Zero Lighthouse (600 lumens) above. However, the Luci outdoor 2.0 is the least expensive of the lot by a substantial margin, and could be the primary factor in deciding which one to buy for many. If you’re looking for something more bright, MPOWERD also sells the Luci Pro (150 lumens) and Luci Base (360 lumens) and both also have an USB port, but they cost more and weigh more.


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