Cooking method:


Average cook time:

9 minutes

Calories per ounce:


What we like:

Calorie- and protein-rich single-serving meals.

What we don’t:

Expensive for one serving and not as tasty as other options above.

Mountain House is known for their regular menu of Adventure Meals (above), however, their Pro-Pak is an excellent choice for those who are ardent climbers, backpackers as well as other avid outdoor-lovers. In the past, the Pro-Pak was a standout with its vacuum-packed packaging that made it among the most efficient meals on the market (this design also stopped expansion at high altitudes). The latest model shifts its focus entirely, removing the size that was compressed and instead placing emphasis on caloric density, protein and performance in cold weather. At a reasonable cost of $11, each meal comes in a single-serving container (520 to 700 calories) which makes Pro-Paks a good choice for those who prefer to travel on their own.

We do not believe these changes were all positive. In comparison with Peak Refuel above, Pro-Pak meals lack calories in relation to weight (131/oz. vs. 155/oz. in Peak Refuel), are relatively basic in terms of the taste and ingredients (there aren’t any paleo- or vegetarian alternatives) as well as being less protein-rich. In addition, the new Pro-Paks only last for 5 years, though this shouldn’t be an issue for most outdoor enthusiasts (a prolonged shelf life is more in emergency planning). If you love Mountain House but want a little more nutrition in the light weight, Pro-Paks are an excellent choice. However, for a few dollars additional, Next Mile Meals or the meals of Heather’s Choice are tastier and more healthy.


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