Mountain House Adventure Meals ($10 – $11)

Cooking method:


Average cook time:

9 minutes

Calories per ounce:


What we like:

A classic value choice with decent taste and high caloric density.

What we don’t:

Lots of preservatives and sodium.

Mountain House Mountain House name is practically synonymous with frozen food, and with good reason. It’s not going to beat it out of the park with regards to flavor, but these meals remain a solid and light food option for those who enjoy backcountry cooking. Mountain House’s homemade meals, such as Chicken & Dumplings and Chili Mac with Beef — cook in a short time (9 minutes.) and are perfect for filling you up after a hard day on the trails. Additionally, you have a good value for your buck , with prices that are lower than similar two-serving alternatives by approximately $4-5. They also have the highest calories-to-weight ratio. Additionally every one of the Mountain House meals come with the 30-year taste guarantee and you can buy today and enjoy it more later.

Mountain House has been dishing delicious backcountry cuisine for more than 50 years, and the competition has never been more fierce. In contrast to options like Good To-Go or Heather’s Choice above it isn’t stocked with organic or natural ingredients, and people who have special diets ought to look elsewhere. The main menu of pasta hasn’t seen much change in the past and the food is shockingly rich in sodium (which could be a good thing in the right circumstances). In addition, while Mountain House is a relatively inexpensive option, Backpacker’s Pantry wins out in the amount in terms of calories for each dollar. We believe there are plenty of better choices in 2022, but we will not begrudge you choosing an old-fashioned

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