Mountain Hardwear Bishop Pass 15 ($275)

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26°F ISO Comfort, 15°F Lower Limit

2 lbs. 5.4 oz.

21 oz. of 650-fill down

A bit warmer and lighter than the Marmot Sawtooth below.

Tapered cut is not ideal for those who toss and turn.

There are plenty of extremely expensive sleeping bags available out there that utilize 800-fill-power down or higher and there are many budget-friendly synthetic alternatives, however, the mid-range options for down are quite limited. In this particular category we recommend our recommendation for the Mountain Hardwear Bishop Pass, that does an excellent job of putting everything together for a reasonable cost. The bag has a comfy 26,025-degree ISO Comfort rating at 2 pounds 5.4 pounds, which is a half-pound less than the similar priced Marmot Sawtooth that is below. The bag is sturdy and comfortable, with top features like a large draft collar that seals out cold air and a noticeable soft liner that is soft and soft against your skin. It’s a fraction of price of a premium model such as this Feathered Friends Hummingbird YF, we are impressed by the quality that comes with this Bishop Pass.

Be aware this: the Mountain Hardwear Bishop Pass manages to reduce weight by adjusting the design on the bags. The standard size measures 53 inches at the hips, while it is the Marmot Sawtooth and the Kelty Cosmic are larger with 58 and 59 inches in each. If you’re an occasional side sleeper who twirls and turns all night long it is recommended to choose one of the above alternatives (or Nemo makes the roomiest bags available). At approximately the same amount The Sawtooth includes a few ounces of down as well as additional features to make you feel more comfortable, such as an expandable footbox as well as dual-sided zips that are located at the collar. For those who prefer a trimmer cut The Bishop Pass is a quality mid-priced bag that can save the user some weight.