Montbell Seamless Down Hugger 800 #3 ($309)

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39˚F ISO Comfort, 30˚F Lower Limit

1 lb. 2.7 oz.

800-fill down

Baffle-free exterior and internal diagonal baffles nicely balance weight and comfort.

Shell is thin and fragile.

As with Western Mountaineering and Feathered Friends Japanese-based Montbell is a top down manufacturer as well its Seamless Down Hugger collection is one of the most original available. Instead of baffles this Down Hugger utilizes a web of polyester threads (dubbed the “Spider Baffle System”) to hold your insulation in its place. This translates to greater warmth and less down (read more weight) in comparison to traditional designs. Inside the liner is an elastic thread spiraled in a spiral that expands in response to your movements and then shrinks to fit your body, effectively capturing warmth. Additionally it is it’s the Seamless Down Hugger is an extremely comfortable sleeping bag that can be used with a variety of body types and can ensure that side sleepers are comfortable as well.

The most significant drawback of losing weight is the deficiency in durability: Down Hugger’s shell is constructed using the Montbell’s Ballistic Airtight nylon, which is tightly knitted to improve tear resistance. However, it’s incredibly small (10D) which requires additional attention to avoid snags and punctures. As a result that it’s one of the lightest bags on the list with a weight of 1 one-pound 2.7 grams, beating the Hyperion below both in price and weight. However, even though Montbell states its Down Hugger 800 #3 as an outdoor bag that is 30 degrees, keep in your mind that this is its lower limit rating. If you’re seeking something more unique, Montbell offers the Seamless Down Hugger with a range in fill-weights (900 or 800-fill) 700-fill) and temperatures (15 25, 30 and 40@F) and includes “WR” models that feature windproof Gore-Tex Infinium shell fabric and water-resistant zippers to provide security in adverse weather.