Cooking method:


Average cook time:

10 minutes

Calories per ounce:


What we like:

A whopping 40 dinners to choose from.

What we don’t:

The flavors leave much to be desired.

MaryJanesFarm provides a wide selection of organic, all-natural mostly vegetarian dishes at affordable cost. Like other options you’ll be able to recognize all the ingredients that are listed on the labels as authentic food items. The meals (take your choice from about 40 different dinners) are cooked almost the same speed like Mountain House as well. They are also more nutritious and low in sodium as well. Another benefit is that they are packaged in paper which is recyclable or burnable. Additionally the MaryJanesFarm website has bulk-servings that are ideal for reducing the waste of packaging when there are large numbers.

What are our concerns about MaryJanesFarm? It could be an issue of personal taste However, we did find the meals were overseasoned. Also, the eco-friendly packaging does not have a sealable closure to cook your meals inside the pouch, however squeeze the gas out and then folding it over to cook can be a easy way to work around the issue. The claimed “single serving” is actually 1.5 servings, which is good news for those who love hiking.

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