Floor area:

52.7 sq. ft.

Peak height:

52 in.


1P, 2P, 3P


9 lbs. 3.8 oz.

What we like:

A proven crossover option at a good price.

What we don’t:

Quite a bit less spacious than a dedicated camping tent (and the new version is even smaller than its predecessor).

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The majority of the tents listed in this list are of the car-camping type which means they’re substantial enough that you’ll be carrying them for more than a few feet from your vehicle. But, there’s some crossover options that are able to double as a tent in the event that you decide to go to the wilderness. The Marmot Tungsten 4P is an example in point: for camping in the car it is the Tungsten can fit multiple sleeping pads in a row and boasts an overall in height of 52 inches which is sufficient for sitting in the sun, changing or playing cards. Furthermore, the pole style allows the walls until they are almost vertical at the bottom, which gives the inside a more open feeling. With around 9 pounds it’s a light weight Tungsten isn’t a light weight in any way (and we’re a bit disappointed the weight increase by an impressive 12.8 oz. in the last few days) It’s suitable for short camping trips and hiking trips, particularly in the event that you’re able to divide the responsibility of carrying.

But, like nearly all tents that are crossover like this one Marmot Tungsten has its fair number of limitations. If you plan to exclusively travel by car an exclusive camping tent is superior in terms of area and durability. The Tungsten utilizes lighter materials to minimize weight, and Marmot has shaved 5.6 cubic feet of space off its footprint by the most recent version (floor area decreased between 58.3 up to 52.7 sq. ft.). At the other end on the scale, people more focused on backpacking might prefer a lighter and more compressible model like Big Agnes’ Copper Spur (the 4P model is shaved off 3.5 pounds. and is lighter than Tungsten which costs more than $700). For couples with smaller families, Marmot also makes this tent available in two and three-person sizes which reduce the weight down significantly. At the time of writing the lighter (and larger) older model is accessible through a handful of retailers.


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