Packaged weight:

5 lbs. 4 oz.

Floor dimensions:

88 x 54/46 in.


1P, 2P, 3P, 4P

What we like:

A unique mix of features that slides in right between the REI Passage and Half Dome SL above.

What we don’t:

Headroom is compromised with the tapered shape.

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Marmot isn’t far behind. We’ve already mentioned REI as a great value one-stop shop. Their recently updated Tungsten tent is durable and weatherproof for a reasonable $249 (the footprint costs $20). The Marmot has a tapered floor plan (8 inches), just like the C Bar. The Marmot’s floor plan is narrower at the feet, which helps you save weight and still allows for ample space for two people. The tent body is made of a mix of mesh and solid nylon, which provides excellent ventilation and weather protection. The updated color options add some flair. It’s an attractive alternative to the REI Half Dome or Passage designs, and it comes at a reasonable price.

The Half Dome SL above uses precious ounces for a large floor plan. However, the Tungsten places a premium upon durability. The Marmot’s fly fabric and floor are 70-denier and 68-denier, respectively, while the REI is 40-denier and 30 denier, for comparison. The tapered design may not be for everyone. You will need to sleep shoulder to shoulder with your tentmate. Some prefer to sleep head-to toe, while others prefer to sleep side-by-side. The durability of the REI tent is good for most people. However, the Tungsten tent will be a great option for backpacking or car camping and will cost you less than $100. Marmot also makes a well-priced tent, the Limelight2P ($269). This tent offers more space at a higher price.



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