Marmot Limestone 6P ($499)


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83 sq. ft.

76 in.

4P, 6P, 8P

17 lbs. 9 oz

High-quality construction and enough tent for most campers.

Not as storm-ready as the Marmot Halo.

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Marmot’s Limestone offers a quality alternative to the TNF Wawona or REI Wonderland. They offer a similar level of livability. The camping tent has ample space for six people (or four if your preference is to spread out), and it is easy to pitch. It is also weather-resistant due to a taut DAC pole and full-coverage rainfly. The Wawona and Wonderland have a height of 76 inches, respectively. The Marmot’s poles effectively extend the walls to make the interior feel larger. The Limestone tent is more expensive than the Wonderland at $500, which is around $25 more than the Wawona. However, it performs better than either of the tents when wind blows.

The Limestone is the ideal choice for those who camp only during warm summer days. Its mesh-heavy design and vents make it easy to use even with the fly-on. Marmot’s Halo is a storm-ready tent. The tent comes with a stronger pole structure and has less mesh in its tent body. It is $150 more expensive for the 6P version. However, it will withstand the elements better. Both tents are solid choices from one of our favourite camping brands, but we prefer the Limestone as a better value for fair-weather campers.