Bottle/gravity filter


3.9 oz.

Filter life:

2,000 liters

What we like:

More durable soft flask and higher flow rate than the Sawyer Squeeze.

What we don’t:

Heavier and shorter filter life.

If filters such as the Sawyer Squeeze Katadyn BeFree, or Platypus QuickDraw have attracted your attention You might want to consider The Peak Squeeze. In many ways it’s this Peak Squeeze is the most comprehensive of the bunch. Similar to the BeFree it comes with a soft flask that is portable and is a perfect option for smaller pursuits like trail running or day hiking. Similar to that of the Sawyer Squeeze, the Peak Squeeze can be threaded onto bottles with mouths that are standard size and can also be utilized as a gravity filter. As with the QuickDraw it comes with an extremely fast flow rate, allowing for filtration of an impressive 3 liters water in a minute.

It’s a new model. Peak Squeeze is relatively new to the market and, though we’ve been impressed through our tests the device, it’s still too early to determine if it can beat out popular models such as those of BeFree or QuickDraw. While analyzing the distinctions, the LifeStraw is more bulky and heavy than Katadyn. It is also more expensive, and it requires the use of a needle (included) to ensure proper cleaning. In addition, unlike the multi-faceted Sawyer Squeeze it only comes with the tube port at one end, which means that the Peak Squeeze is not able to be employed to filter an inside line, and comes with an hydration reservoir. However, its 2,000-liter life span is more than twice as long as other brands, and the cost is only $38 for the one-liter model (you can also buy the replacement filter for just $18 this is a bargain). LifeStraw also has smaller bottles that have filters (650mL) priced at $33 and a The Peak Gravity System that comes with a three-liter reservoir for just $60.

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