LifeStraw Go 22 oz. ($40)

Table of Contents

Bottle/straw filter

7.8 oz.

4,000 liters

Incredibly convenient and relatively long filter life.

Heavier and bulkier than soft-flask bottle filters.

If you’re looking to purchase a water bottle with a filter that is specifically designed for them and filter, it’s the LifeStraw Go has a lot of appealing features. Much like its Katadyn BeFree and LifeStraw Peak Squeeze it makes water purification easy by drinking a glass, but the tough-sided bottle increases the durability and ease of use for casual morning hikes or frontcountry activities–no need to squeeze or cold hands. In addition the LifeStraw has a filter life of 4000 Liters The LifeStraw has more than four times the durability that the BeFree. In the end it’s an excellent and durable setup for any environment in which weight and bulk aren’t primary concerns.

For all its ease of use however, it’s not the most versatile. LifeStraw Go isn’t incredibly versatile. It comes with a bottle of purified water and that’s it. Since it’s a straw filter, you aren’t able to make use of it to Go pour water through a empty bottle or cookware (like you could use other straws like the BeFree and Sawyer Squeeze). Be aware it’s heavy which means it decreases the overall amount of water storage. However, for shorter trips or people who want to filter tap water the LifeStraw Go is one of the most user-friendly and convenient choices available.