Weight per pair:

11.2 oz.



Shaft material:




What we like:

A nicely appointed option for fast-and-light enthusiasts.

What we don’t:

Heavier, pricier, and less packable than the Distance Carbon Z above.

The Black Diamond Distance Carbon Z above is our most popular ultralight and compact design however, Leki provides a more intriguing option with Leki’s MCT Superlite. The poles are designed specifically to cover ground quickly. They clock in at just 11.2 pounds for each pair, and fold down to 14.6 inches to fit into the back of a bag and include thoughtful features such as the wrist strap made of mesh and Leki’s minimalist trail running basket that has carbide tips for traversing challenging terrain. Leki also upgraded the lower part of the poles using 14 millimeter carbon fiber (the remainder of the shaft is 12 millimeters) to provide extra security on rough terrain. In addition to that, Leki’s MCT Superlite is one of the best options available here and is a perfect option for trail runners and mountain runners.

Like we discussed earlier The Leki MCT Superlite competes head-to-head against the Black Diamond Distance Carbon Z above. When comparing the two Leki is the one that stands out. Leki weighs more by 1.4 pounds per pair, slightly more so in the folded position (14.6 inches. vs. 13 in. for the distance of 110cm) It costs 20 dollars more. However, some might appreciate the weight and the price penalties worthwhile for the MCT Superlite’s superior features which includes the mesh strap, as well as a comfy cork handle (the BD’s are made of the same, but it’s foam) and choke-up extension that are ideal for traversing rough terrain. If you’re not averse to the inherent disadvantages of going on carbon poles. Both are sturdy and very capable alternatives that are designed to move swiftly and easily. If you’re looking for a similar, focused and high-end UL alternative from Leki you can check out Leki’s Trail FX.One Superlite. Trail FX.One Superlite.

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