Weight per pair:

1 lb. 1.4 oz.


Telescoping (lever lock)

Shaft material:




What we like:

Sturdy feel; cork grip and lever locks at a great price.

What we don’t:

Falls short of the Trail Ergo Cork in a few areas.

There are plenty of costly and top-quality poles available that are available for serious adventurous types, and low-cost alternatives are available from brands like REI as well as Black Diamond. If you’re seeking something in the middle that is more balanced in cost and performance Leki’s Khumbu Lite is notable as a mid-priced option The result is a sturdy solid, durable, and sturdy experience from the aluminum-based construction. It isn’t bent or flexy as ultralight or cheaper options do. Additionally, the comfort is excellent due to the cork-based handle. It’s also worth noting that despite the modest price of $120, Leki didn’t skimp on top-quality features, like their beloved SpeedLock lever and ergonomic grips that can be tilted slightly to ensure your wrists are in a neutral position flexible and breathable straps, and lightweight but tough carbide tips. When you add it all up this is a great all-rounder and an excellent value for the money from the brand.

The Khumbu Light is a solid option for those on a budget, compared to our top-rated Black Diamond Trail Ergo Cork that has a similar weight and telescoping design with three sections as well as an aluminum shaft. There are a few imperfections make it the bottom of our list. The first is that it’s the Trail Ergo Cork offers a greater selection of adjustments (from 27-55 inches. as opposed to 39-53 inches. with the Leki) as well as the all-cork grips are just a tiny improvement in comfort over the Leki’s mix of cork and rubber. The BD is also equipped with the trekking basket and powder for the four seasons, which can help reduce the price by $20. The Trail’s grips are more sharp angle (15deg instead of. 8.deg on the Leki) that we’ve discovered to be more natural place to rest your hands. However, many hikers discover these differences difficult to determine as well as the Khumbu Lite is the better choice in terms of price.

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