9.9 oz.

Max lumens:



Rechargeable (USB)

What we like:

Great variety of light functions and mounting options.

What we don’t:

A little pricey and complex to operate..

The German-based Ledlenser is known for producing some of the very first flashlights equipped with LEDs in the early 2000s as well as Ledlenser’s ML6 lantern is an excellent illustration of the company’s constant dedication to technology and innovation. The first thing that stands out is the vast range of light functions and mounting options. Apart from its outstanding output of 750 lumens at full tilt The lantern also has the battery-saving low-power mode (great to read in the dark of your tent), “boost” function to maximize power in short bursts, interval-based blink or pulse options, as well as the ability to strobe in case of unintentional wildlife encounters. It even has a distress signal that broadcasts an SOS with Morse code. For securing the lantern it comes with a Ledlenser comes with a rubber hook on the top to hang with a built-in magnetic for fixing on a metal surface as well as a removable stand to place it on the ground or table.

In addition to its flexible design and a variety of different lighting options, Ledlenser also incorporated a few thoughtful additions, including highlights of fluorescent to identify the lantern in darkness the warning of low battery as well as a charge indication, as well as the lock that prevents turning the light on by accident. However, these features have disadvantages in terms of price and complexity. The ML6 is expensive at $100, and isn’t as user-friendly as the more basic options that are available from BioLite or Black Diamond above. Also, it is likely to need a little steep learning curve to get the most capabilities, which shouldn’t be an issue for experienced campers however it could be a problem for those who just want basic features. To adjust the settings more quickly and easily, Ledlenser does make a “Connect” version for an additional $40, which allows you to control the lantern via your phone (it’s Bluetooth-compatible) or the included remote control.


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