Ledlenser MH11 Rechargeable Headlamp ($178)


6.3 oz.

Max lumens:

1,000 (boost); 750 (high)



What we like:

The brightest headlamp on our list and Bluetooth-compatible.

What we don’t:

The priciest and heaviest option here and overbuilt for most uses.

The German-based Ledlenser is the company that was responsible for releasing the first LED commercially accessible flashlight (the Ledlenser V8), and their constant commitment to innovation and technology continues until today. From their current range the MH11 rechargeable Bluetooth Headlamp stands out as an exceptional and technologically advanced choice for those who love to go on outdoor adventures. Its name is a reference to the fact that the MH11 operates on rechargeable batteries, which help reduce waste and increase the convenience. The light’s real calling card is its incredible output, which includes 1,000 maximum lumens when in “boost” mode, and the world’s longest range of beam height of 320 m or about 1,050 feet (for comparison that Fenix HL60R above is the most comparable alternative , with 950 lumens when in”boost mode” and the of 380 feet. length of the beam). In all this is a superbly constructed and innovative light for events that merit the top-of-the-line specifications.

At $178 and 6.3 pounds it’s the most expensive and bulkiest choice in this category, and is a waste of money for anything but the most strenuous outdoor pursuits. There are some amazing features, such as Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to alter the settings and timings on your phone, as well with a built-in distress signal that broadcasts SOS with Morse codes. A unique feature to the Ledlenser range is its Optisense technology, which adjusts the output according to the surrounding environment. This technology does add to the complexity of the system and demands an apprehension curve to optimize efficiency However, it’s not hard to appreciate the impressive specs and workmanship that have plenty of potential for use in night hiking, caving hunting (the green and blue LEDs are great for hunting) and other situations that require low light. For a different, more premium however less technologically advanced option, Petzl’s Swift RL is priced at $60 less and sheds around 3 ounces, but isn’t quite as powerful in terms of maximum performance (900 lumens) and beam distance (150m/492 feet.).

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