14 oz.

Max lumens:



D Alkaline (3)

What we like:

Exceptional output at a very affordable price point.

What we don’t:

Fairly bereft of features and 1,000 lumens is overkill for most activities..

If you’re looking to maximize output over the integrated technology features and portability the LE LED Camping Lantern is one of the most powerful camping lanterns available currently available that boasts a staggering 1,000 lumens. This puts it in the rare the air (along to Coleman’s 1,000 lumen OneSoure beneath) and results in amazing performance to illuminate an entire camping area, even in total darkness or during inclement weather. The lighting features are pretty basic, with four different modes that include warm white, daylight white and flashing. The lantern cannot be recharged through USB. At just $33 at Amazon as of publication it’s hard to find more output at a lower price.

However this LE LED Camping Lantern doesn’t make an impression in other places. Apart from the absence of color-changing modes The unit can’t be recharged and is powered by D Alkaline batteries that are heavy and expensive in comparison to the more common AAAs or AAs. The LE is also at the heavier side at 14 ounces. It’s not able to fold down, which can be an issue on equipment-intensive trips where space is limited. Also, unlike the other choices mentioned above it’s the only one that LE isn’t equipped with an outlet for charging electronics , or even a gauge for the battery’s life. For campers who are low maintenance and do not mind the simple and basic design and the combo of low prices and exceptional brightness is difficult to beat.


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