3 oz.

Max lumens:



Rechargeable (USB)

What we like:

Respectable output and run time for the weight and price.

What we don’t:

Only illuminates a small area and control button can be finicky.

Lander’s Boulder above is their highest-end and fully-featured model, however it’s costly and overbuilt for those with the highest level of tech. Take their Cairn Mini which is a great value in terms of the affordability and ease of use. It’s obvious that the design is distinctly basic, and it’s lacking options and settings when compared to some of the other options which include limited charging ports and lighting options. But it’s a good choice. Cairn Mini is able to provide decent brightness, especially considering the price of $25 and its compact size, making it an excellent backup device for a light source at camp.

The Cairn Mini is stacked in comparison to it is the Goal Zero Lighthouse Micro Flash above and below, this Cairn Mini costs the same however it doesn’t have the flashlight function and does not offer any enhancements in the brightness (both have 150 lumens). It’s also not as long in terms of run time (100 hours instead of. 170 hours for The Goal Zero), although we prefer the nylon cord that makes it much easier to string it from a tree or inside the tent. The only downside to the Cairn is the control knob: There are some users who have complained that it’s finicky , and difficult to alter the brightness (it’s occasionally unresponsive when you hold it down to switch between options). We believe that the majority of people will do better using micro-battery BD Moji above, but both the Cairn Mini and Micro Flash are great as pocket-sized backup lighting.


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