Lander Boulder Rechargeable Lantern + Power Bank ($120)


1 lb. 7.1 oz.

Max lumens:



Rechargeable (USB)

What we like:

A premium and high-tech option with Bluetooth connectivity, multiple charging ports, and neat “proximity” lighting feature.

What we don’t:

Pricey, bulky, and overbuilt for most..

Based in Utah, Lander is an relative newcomer in the field of camping lanterns, but has already established a name for them at the top on the market. The company’s primary focus is smart-feature integration. This is most evident in their top Boulder Rechargeable model. The Boulder Rechargeable is the only model on our list that’s operated via an app for your smartphone that makes it easy to change setting and change between lighting modes. Another feature that stands out is the proximity light function that automatically adjusts the intensity according to the distance you’re in to the lantern. There are four ports to charge several devices at the same time and a staggering battery life of 300 hours (the longest we’ve seen on our list) that means you’ll have a full week of use, even powering your phone–without having to worry about draining your battery.

In terms of design, the Boulder is fairly slim and sleek, but it is at the heavier and bulkier part of the scale at approximately 1.5 pounds. It is also unable to be folded down and doesn’t come with legs for securing it to the table (the base is curved to the sides, and isn’t able to provide the ability to stand when placed on uneven floors) However, the tie-down at the top of the lantern is easily adjusted to hang from a tree as well as inside the tent. The major drawback is cost that is $120, which is a high cost for a lantern for camp with a unique features. With a substantial savings of $40 the top-ranked BioLite AlpenGlow 500 has greater brightness and the features many campers want in a lighter, smaller package. However, for those who are a bit geeky about their equipment, the highest-end Lander Boulder is a good choice.


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