Fuel type:



6 oz

Integrated pot


What we like:

4-season capabilities at a very low weight.

What we don’t:

Unlike the WhisperLite Universal above, the Spider isn’t multi-fuel compatible.

As we’ve mentioned earlier remote stoves let the user to reverse their fuel canister when it is cold that can help maximize performance when temperatures drop. In this particular category, Korean camping brand Kovea has a unique design with their Spider. For only $65, you can enjoy four seasons of flexibility in a stunningly lightweight and portable design (the legs that support it fold to make it easy to store them in a compact and convenient manner) Additionally, you get excellent flame control and a broad, stable base that can accommodate larger pans and pots. Overall it’s a very well-constructed and thoughtfully designed stove for an affordable price.

A key distinction distinguishes one of the main differences that separates Kovea Spider from the MSR WhisperLite Universal above it is the Multi-fuel compatibility. In contrast, while the MSR can be powered by liquid fuel , such as white gas, auto fuel or diesel The Spider is only compatible with propane/isobutane canisters, which are more likely to be prone to failure at high altitudes as well as in extreme cold temperatures (and when traveling internationally, be aware that they’re rarely available). The WhisperLite Universal above is the most flexible of the bunch and our top remote canister, however the Kovea is nearly 5 ounces lighter and can cost you less than $100. If you don’t plan on having to utilize other types of fuel, it’s an easy choice.

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