Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Deluxe 8 ($700)

Floor area:

140 sq. ft.

Peak height:

78 in


4P, 6P, 8P


79 lbs.

What we like:

The canvas build is ultra-tough and weather-resistant.

What we don’t:

Expensive, extremely heavy, and overkill for most casual campers.

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The tents mentioned are constructed with different the thickness of mesh and nylon However, Kodiak Flex-Bow is the most unique. Kodiak Flex-Bow takes it to the next level by having a unique canvas design. How does that translate to you? Canvas is renowned for being extremely durable: It is able to endure strong wind gusts (the steel frame of this tent also helps) as well as severe precipitation or rough handling. Furthermore it does a great job of trapping warmth in cold weather as well as breathing in warm. Additionally, the Kodiak is also beautifully appointed with doors that are large on each side, a tall 78-inch peak and decent airflow. In simple terms this Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow is a extremely durable camping tent that is able to stand up to the most demanding circumstances.

However, there are some notable disadvantages for canvas. For starters, the tent can weigh an impressive 79 pounds and takes up an enormous amount of storage space inside your car or truck bed. It’s also the priciest tent on the list, costing the hefty $700. Due to these shortcomings and the price, it’s clear that the Kodiak Flex-Bow certainly isn’t for all. However, it’s a popular choice for hunters particularly this regard, which is logical given its design and features. With its large inside and weatherproof design, it’s a great choice for families as well as campers on the base too.


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