Klymit Klymaloft ($150)

Double-wide and extremely comfortable, Exped’s premium self-inflating sleeping pad provides an excellent night's sleep for two

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Air mat w/ foam

72 x 23 x 2.5 in. (Regular)

2 lbs. 6.5 oz.


Unique hybrid construction nicely balances comfort and weight.

The lowest R-value on our list.

There isn’t a lot of innovative products in the market for camping mattresses every year, however Klymit was a bit different by introducing the Klymaloft Mattress Pad. Its base, the Klymaloft can be described as an air-mat similar to similar to the Nemo Quasar 3D above, which is a common feature in backpacking designs to help keep weight and pack size under control. The top layer is Klymit added the cushioned foam that’s comfortable and smooth to the feel, and helps reduce pressure points in the hips and shoulders. With a weight of 2 pounds 6.5 pounds and 11.5 8 inches in size when compressed the Klymaloft isn’t as big as the Nemo Quasar 3D above in terms of weight and compressibility however, it’s light and compact when compared to camping models and simple to pack into the backpack or trunk.

There’s one obvious drawback to Klymit’s Klymaloft that is its 2.3 R-value. This is the most well-insulated option in our selection and is a bit under-built for real three-season use where we’d recommend an R-value at least 3. For clarity, it’s ideal for summer campers who only use it in warmer weather, but at this cost we’d recommend something more flexible, similar to REI’s $125 Camp Bed above (R-value: 7.6). The Klymit has a slight edge in the weight and packing capacity, but the warmth is the main factor for the majority of campers. With the smaller 23-inch platform The Klymaloft is a expensive option in comparison to what you get, which is why it earns an entry at the lowest of our ranking.