Klymit Insulated Static V Lite ($91)


Air pad


1 lb. 3.6 oz.


2.5 in.



What we like:

Wide sleeping platform and great price.

What we don’t:

Not a standout in any specific category.

Klymit’s revolutionary X Frame pad may have placed the company on the scene, but their following Insulated Static V Lite is their most popular product. In contrast to they’re X Frame cuts away excess material and appears like the shape of a structure (and does not provide protection from ground) it’s the Static V Lite is a bit more conventional and comfy. We like its 23-inch wideness (most standard pads are 20 inches. wide). With raised baffles on the sides and a raised baffle on the sides, the Klymit is a sturdy and spacious sleeping platform which is ideal for those who sleep in a hurry.

In spite of the additional space and the very affordable price this Insulated Static V isn’t a make a statement. Utilizing a 30 denier fabric, we’d anticipate it to weigh less than 3.6 grams (the more affluent 15-oz. XTherm is a bit heavier and has higher denier ratings on the lower part on the pads) which means that you’ll lose durability for the sake of the typical benefit of weight. Its baffles that resemble Vs aren’t able to compare to the comfort and sleeping experience of the top options from Sea to Summit Therm-a-Rest Big Agnes, and Nemo which puts it from the top of our list. Klymit to the lowest of our selection. If you’re looking for a lower-cost, but less well-insulated model from the company you should check out Static V2. Static V2.

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