kijaro Dual Lock Folding Chair ($50)


26 x 35.5 x 37 in.

Seat height:

20 in.


9 lbs. 8 oz.

What we like:

Large and very comfortable

What we don’t:

Tall ground-to-seat height may be too tall for some.

This model of Kijaro’s dual lock folding is one of the most sought-after camp chairs available because of its superior level of comfort and value. The name suggests that the chair is locked in the closed and open positions to ensure stability and ease of carrying into the stuff bag. The chair’s sturdy seat and back that is slightly reclined offer an outstanding overall feel. The Kijaro’s 300-pound capacity isn’t quite as big as the robust King Kong above, but the chair is built to last.

In our top selection of camping chairs Kijaro is among the top chairs. Kijaro is an impressive competition. The build quality is superior to the more expensive Coleman Quad above, although it is a bit behind the well-built Alps Mountaineering King Kong. The real difference for us — and the reason that this Dual Lock is ranked here–is the seat height. Kijaro has a comparatively tall seating-to-ground ratio at 20 in. (the Alps above is 18 inches. ) It may leave some users with their feet hanging above the earth. However, this could be beneficial for some people, and the large comfortable and comfortable seat as well as the affordable cost make it an excellent option for camping. If you’re not worried about the size, GCI Outdoor’s Comfort Pro is also sturdy and comfortable at only 45 dollars.


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