Kelty Cordavan Blanket ($75)

From warm and cozy down-insulated models to budget-friendly synthetic and fleece options, we break down the year’s top camping blankets

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4 lbs. 3 oz.


Throwback styling in a warm and highly durable package.

Heavier and bulkier than much of the competition.

The majority of blankets come with polyester shells to withstand wear and to ward off mild moisture, but Kelty’s Cordavan Blanket bucks the trend by utilizing a unique mix of fabrics to increase comfort, but not compromise in durability. The top layer of the blanket is comprised of canvas made from polyester and corduroy strips, and the bottom is a soft-brushed material. When combined, the Cordavan is a striking throwback style which looks great around camp or in the cabin. It’s also extremely thick and durable and the fabric and corduroy will be resistant to holes from burning fire embers more effectively than polyester. Additionally, many people will be delighted by the extra-large dimensions: at 75 x 66 inches the Cordavan is a lot wider than other single-person choices available (with only that Pendleton Yakima earlier) and is designed to go perfectly with Kelty’s Two-person Loveseat chair.

Overall, we are awestruck by the Cordavan’s blend of style, comfort durability, roominess, and style However, it’s isn’t the lightest, or most sleek choice available. The heavy materials add a lot of weight and bulk. And at 4 pounds 3 ounces it’s significantly heavier than the rest of the synthetic and down-filled competitors above. As a reference, Kelty’s Bestie Blanket above has similar CloudLoft insulation for warmth . It weighs in at 1 one-pound 8.6 ounces. However, it’s less than Cordavan at 42 inches in length and 76 inches wide. On the plus side it’s the Cordavan is able to fold up to store it with buckles that keep it relatively compact. In terms of weight it is a great choice for a car. Cordavan is an interesting choice for car campers and vanlifers that want a comfy and attractive design that can last for years.