Katadyn Micropur MP1 ($16 for 30 tablets)


Chemical purifier


0.9 oz.

Filter life:

1L per tablet

What we like:

Simple and light.

What we don’t:

More expensive than Aquamira and you’re drinking unfiltered water straight from the source.

Like Aquamira drops Katadyn Micropur tablets provide a simple and efficient chemical treatment that uses chlorine dioxide. For backpackers, there’s an argument that supports this route. The tablet weighs less than one per 30 grams which makes them the lightest option for water purification in this selection. Additionally that each tablet is wrapped and is able to be altered according to the particulars of your travel (with Aquamira you have to carry both bottles, regardless of the duration of your journey). To use Katadyn, simply place one tablet into one liter of water, and wait for 15 minutes to protect yourself against bacteria and viruses and thirty minutes to treat Giardia and 4 minutes for cryptosporidium.

The main drawback to the chemical treatments is, despite the water being clear however, it’s unfiltered (in cases like the Utah desert, as an instance it could be brown water that is populated with creatures). In alpine regions that have fairly clear mountain waters like those in the Rockies, High Sierra, or Pacific Northwest, chemical treatments are an excellent option for ultralight treatment. In the comparison of the chemical treatment options, it’s important to note that, while they are more difficult to operate, Aquamira drops are considerably less expensive. We calculated that you’re paying around $0.53 for a liter of pure water using Katadyn, whereas Aquamira’s price is closer to $0.13 per Liter. Also Katadyn tablets are difficult to cut in half. Katadyn tablets are hard to cut in half , and aren’t compatible in 500mL containers (it’s one tablet per Liter) this is a problem, especially for runners who use smaller flasks that are soft.

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