Pump filter


11 oz.

Filter life:

750 liters

What we like:

A versatile and reliable filter that can make clean water from puddles.

What we don’t:

Relatively short filter life and pricey to replace.

Pumping water can have its drawbacks However, we’ve found it to be it’s a good option. Katadyn Hiker is one of the most reliable options for filtering in a range of backpacking situations. In simple terms, you take open your Hiker, then place the hose’s end into the water, attach the other end on the top of your Nalgene (or place it on the top if you’re using an alternative reservoir or bottle) then pump. You’ll get about one liter of water that is clean every minute if you’re pumping at a high rate and we’ve observed this Hiker microfilter runs more efficiently and is simpler to utilize in comparison to MSR MiniWorks. MSR MiniWorks below. It’s not like it’s counterpart, MSR Guardian, however, Hiker Microfilter isn’t a purifier. Hiker filters, but it is not a purifier, which means it doesn’t offer virus protection.

As far as construction is concerned it is clear that in terms of construction, the Katadyn Hiker is well-built for pumping, but these systems aren’t perfect. It is constructed of ABS plastic and includes several hoses and tiny parts. We’ve experienced pieces breaking off other pumps before (not on the Katadyn, however but it could occur). Another drawback is the costly replacement filter. After around 750 liters of water the filter will need to be replaced. $55 to replace it (the MSR MiniWorks recommends a replacement filter at two thousand liters for a cost of $45). However, we do prefer the Katadyn even with the shorter filter’s life, it has more efficient and smoother pumping actions.

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