Katadyn BeFree Collapsible Bottle 1L ($50)


Bottle filter


2.3 oz.

Filter life:

1,000 liters

What we like:

Extremely light and great for on-the-go hydration.

What we don’t:

Short lifespan and does not fit standard-sized water bottle openings.

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The Katadyn BeFree is one of our preferred bottle filter for dedicated use that is extremely light in weight, easy to operate and a sleek, elegant design. With its HydraPak bottle The BeFree lets users to drink the same way as they would with any other water bottle, but with the water flowing directly through the filter before it gets towards your mouth. It is a great design for long trails in which water is available. The compact filter is housed within it (unlike the outward-facing Sawyer Squeeze) and its large mouth makes refilling it easy and the entire set-up is light as 2.3 grams. Additionally, the bottle is the perfect soft touch (albeit cold when it is full of stream water) and, when empty, the device can be tucked away into the palm of your hand.

The Katadyn’s BeFree has its negatives. It has a very short life when compared to filters like the Squeeze (1,000 milliliters in comparison to. the Sawyer’s life-time warranty) It’s also well-known to block faster in water that is dirty. Additionally, it’s only compatible with 42 millimeter openings, meaning it’s not as adaptable like the Sawyer one, which is compatible with many conventional (28mm) drinking bottles. The third reason is that it costs $11 more and does not have the versatility of the adapter’s gravity and inline. The Katadyn’s rate of flow is definitely faster, and the flask’s softness is better as a handheld while cleaning it’s as simple as pouring the filter into clean water. As a bottle filter. However, the BeFree is a winner due to its simplicity of use and sleek design. It’s also worth checking through it’s LifeStraw peak Squeeze here, as it comes with the fastest stream rate and gravity adapter and is compatible with typical bottle openings.

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