Fuel type:



7.1 oz. (stove only: 2.1 oz.)

Integrated pot

No (pot included)

What we like:

Jetboil’s lightest and most compact offering yet.

What we don’t:

Expensive, doesn’t simmer, and lacks Jetboil’s standard heat exchanger.

Jetboil’s brand new for 2021 Stash is the lightest stove they’ve ever made. It weighs only 7.1 pounds all-in for the stove canister (2.1 2 ounces.) along with a 0.8-liter aluminium pot (5 5 oz. ) It’s forty percent less weight than next in line Zip. It also has a nesting feature that allows you to put the stand, stove as well as a 100-gram fuel container inside the pot to create an extremely compact and compact design. Contrary to most Jetboil products it is the Stash doesn’t have an exchanger on the stove’s side (read lower effectiveness and wind resistance when compared to designs that integrate) however, its FluxRing is a good alternative that keeps the boiling time fairly quick (2.5 minutes. to boil 0.5L).

But, we hit some obstacles when asking “Who should purchase Stash? Stash?” Sure, it’s a great set for people who are starting with scratch, but at $135, it’s more than triple that in comparison to an Amicus Stove Cookset Combo above (and unlike the Amicus Stash, the Stash does not cook). Additionally the ounce counters that are true can be lighter by pairing an easy stove such as that of the SnowPeak Lite Max (2 oz.) or Soto WindMaster (3 oz.) with a titanium-based pot. The Stash’s output isn’t as impressive as Jetboil’s status, offering only 4500 BTUs (compared to the Flash’s 9,500)–on an excursion to backpack in Patagonia Our friends’ MSR Reactor heated water around four times faster. We’re admitting that we’re being harsh on the Stash but we still suggest conserving your cash and choosing some of the other options than the rest.

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