Fuel type:



14.6 oz.

Integrated pot


What we like:

Impressive simmer control for cooking over the flame.

What we don’t:

Expensive and slower boil time than the Flash above.

Jetboil is now synonymous with all-in-one units that boil water quickly, however the MiniMo comes with a few additional tricks in its arsenal. With a more sophisticated temperature regulator that provides a powerful simmer control The MiniMo provides the same convenience as that of the Flash previously mentioned, however comes with improved cooking features that many backpackers want. In terms of design the cooking pot of 1 liter capacity is protected by an neoprene-lined sleeve to ensure safe handling. The compact and robust design offers security over the flame. It also can double as a bowl once you are ready for eating. If you prefer cooking and not just boil water The MiniMo is the ideal choice.

With a price of $155, the MiniMo is much higher than Flash It boils water much more slowly (4 minutes. 30 sec. per Liter as compared to. the Flash’s 3 minutes. 20 sec. ) It weighs around 1 inch more. The trade-offs are well worth the cost for people who cook at home and need the additional control of simmer. It is also possible to choose an unintegrated system, such as use an MSR Pocket Rocket 2 above with a cooker–but the MiniMo is definitely superior and we like the additional stability and wind resistance that comes with the all-in-one design. In the end this is our top pick for campers with one or two people who want a system that is integrated with a simmer control.

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