Jetboil Genesis Basecamp System ($390)






2 @ 10,000 BTUs


9 lbs. 5 oz.

What we like:

An entire cook system for under 10 lbs..

What we don’t:

Not the most powerful, and steep price.

Jetboil is most famous for their light backpacking stove systems, but they also made an important entrance into the world of camping with their Genesis System. The Genesis System can be described as the first-of-its kind: an all-in one camping kit. There are two burners as well as a pot and pan and everything is tucked together to make a compact storage. The weight of the entire stove (other than a 16-oz. propane tank) will be under 10 pounds that’s lighter than nearly all stoves in this list in their own. Furthermore, the simmer control and burner output are top-quality by specifically designing burners to work in conjunction with their pans and pots it is easier to reduce fuel consumption.

Despite the praises The cost of $390 is ridiculous, especially when compared with one like the Eureka Ignite Plus above that’s just a fraction of the price as well as comes with the same burner capacity and weighs just two pounds more heavy (without cooking equipment). Jetboil also offers its Genesis HalfGen Basecamp System for just $200 however, it only comes with a single burner and is not as versatile in general (it is a good choice for those who want to tailgate or travel solo). It’s also worth noting that availability isn’t always easy lately for Jetboil’s Genesis series, however both stoves are in stock at two major retailers as of the time of publication.


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