Fuel type:



13.1 oz.

Integrated pot


What we like:

Super fast boil time and a great price.

What we don’t:

Only excels at boiling water.

With the increasing variety and quality of meals that are dehydrated Many backpackers use their stoves to heat water. If this is the case are looking for a canister with integrated system such as that of the Jetboil Flash is an excellent alternative. The all-in-one stove provides fast boiling and comes with an cozy that is insulated and connects direct to your stove using an exchanger that makes it weatherproof and efficient (a crucial differentiating the Flash and the non-integrated PocketRocket previously mentioned). The Flash can bring to a boil a 1 liter of water within 3.5 minutes. Considering the fact that you don’t require another pot to cook in, the weight of 13.1 pounds is quite reasonable.

What are the weaknesses that are inherent to Jetboil Flash? What are the weaknesses of Jetboil Flash? In addition, as we discussed in the previous paragraph, it’s not ultralight according to thru-hiking criteria. The addition of a kettle helps narrow the gap, but it’s still a bit heavy. PocketRocket 2 above that comes with MSR’s Titan Kettle is still weighing in at 6.8 ounces and is about 50% lighter than the Flash. In tough weather the more powerful MSR’s WindBurner below is more efficient in windy conditions (for an impressive $55 and 2.2 pounds. more). Not to mention Jetboil’s MiniMo below comes with a the ability to control the simmer, but this model is slower to boil and is priced higher. It’s hard to match the speed of boiling cost, the user-friendliness of the Flash We think it’s especially appealing for younger backpackers who value convenience over weight.

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