: 11’


Tri (fixed side fins)

What we like:

Roomy enough for tandem paddling.

What we don’t:

Not easy to maneuver.

There’s no doubt about the appeal of paddling along a sluggish stream or picturesque lake in the summer heat and sharing it with a child, partner or pet enhance the experience. Isle Scout Isle Scout is especially well-equipped to tackle the task, thanks to its the full length traction pad, a wide platform and a weight capacity of 315 pounds. Isle also comes with the tail and nose handles along with the center handle on the Scout to make it easy to transport. the practical Velcro straps that run along the rail are our top options to secure your paddle when it is not being used.

The Scout is a popular choice for SUP yoga, or for those who typically travel with a companion However, those who paddle on their own will be unable to navigate. The fins on the sides are tiny (and are not easily removed) which means you have less freedom as compared to a board such as the highly-rated iRocker All-Around above. However, for those looking to go out on the water with a friend and have fun, the Scout is a practical and enjoyable tandem choice. It’s worth looking into the well-known Pioneer (great to use for paddling by yourself) as well as to accommodate larger parties, Isle makes a 12-foot-long model, with a 45-inch width, 8-inch thickness known as Megalodon 2.0. Megalodon 2.0 ($1,245).


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