iRocker Nautical 10’6″ ($400)

From leading recreational and budget models to serious touring rigs, we break down the best inflatable SUPs of the year

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10’6”, 11’6”


A complete package—including a fiberglass paddle—for just $300.

Lacks the rear traction pad of the GILI Air below.

Many SUPers are on the water to exercise, fish or to go for an overnight adventure however most of us are looking for a relaxing cruise. If you’re looking for a low-cost option to hit the water with a paddle, it’s the iRocker Nautical is a great option to begin. At just $400 on the iRocker website as of the date of publication (with the shipping cost included) The 10’6″ Nautical includes everything you require to paddle the local Lake or lazy River with a three-piece paddle that can be adjusted as well as a coiled lead hand pump, backpacks for traveling. It also has 6 inches of platform as well as an adjustable three-fin setup it provides a secure but nimble ride which is a perfect match for novice and experienced paddlers of all ages.

At this cost The only thing missing on the Nautical is the rear stomp pad that could provide an extra amount of grip when you’re traveling in rough water. In addition, as on the majority of budget boards the Nautical has stability due to its thickness , not high-end construction, making it more sluggish and cumbersome in the water. However, most recreational paddlers will appreciate the design as suitable for calm waters and iRocker adds some extras for this price with the 3-piece, fiberglass-constructed paddle (many basic paddles are made from made of aluminum) and a warranty of two years. For the best price currently available we recommend the iRocker Nautical. For the additional price of $130 you can add the Kayak conversion kit with seats as well as a kayak blade.