80 x 33 x 11 in.


10.6, 12.4, 13.4, 14.1 cu. ft.


Dual side


6-8 pairs up to 185cm

What we like:

Contoured base helps keep a low profile without giving up too much depth.

What we don’t:

Expensive and limited in terms of capacity.

If you are parking in garages or often park in enclosed parking lots You’ll need to consider carefully before purchasing an outdoor box. The majority of them add 2 feet to the top of your vehicle (factoring into the dimensions of the box and the rack) This isn’t recommended for vans and SUVs. However, the good news is that there’s many options available for those looking to keep their profile low. Inno Wedge 660 INNO Wedge 660 is one of the most popular designs in this area with a contoured design that provides 11 inches of depth , while it is only 9.6 inches higher than the crossbars on your rack. It also has more for more than just the clearance. The Wedge is a top-quality design and fit, with the ability to install it without tools with a sleek and stylish shape that blocks wind noise , and houses an antenna in the rear, a hatch, and a double-sided opening that improves accessibility and makes it easier to organize.

The INNO could be the slimmest rooftop box available However, there are a few models that are close to it. Thule Pulse Alpine Thule Pulse Alpine (also 11 cu. feet.) increases 11.3 inches above bars (over 1.5 inches. higher than the Wedge 660) and opens only to the passenger side. However, it’s more affordable at just $550. However it’s this Yakima GrandTour Lo ($879) is more expensive but it adds four cubic feet more storage space while making it less than half an inch in height (10 inches. over the bars). If you’re cutting close to clearance, you have no choice but to choose one of these options, however it’s important to do the math before purchasing. In addition, while INNO’s Wedge lineup has a range of different sizes to pick from It’s important to remember that the 660 model is the sole model with a low profile.


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