iKamper X-Cover 2.0 ($3,499)

From budget-friendly softshells to rugged hard-top designs, we break down the year’s best rooftop tents

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42.6 sq. ft.

46 in.

2, 3-4

A well-executed hybrid design that costs and weighs less than the Skycamp above.

Takes longer to set up than most hardshells.

Skycamp 3.0 above is iKamper’s tried and true hardshell model, however the X-Cover 2.0 brings the advantages of the hardtop (including increased durability and cargo carrying capabilities) along with the light-weight construction and spacious mattress typically found in softshells. In order to achieve this it uses a different design. X-Cover does away with the traditional fabric cover that is typically found on softshells, instead utilizing its own floor to act as the cover. It folds down over the tent, and secures it when it is towed. The result is a simple to pitch and versatile design that can sleep up to four people (it’s offered in the two-person “Mini” model). Also, it’s worth noting that iKamper is a reputable company with the most responsive customer service on the market. In the event of a mishap the tester was sent an exchange ladder by express mail as well as iKamper provided a free awning to add some flair.

If you’re trying to decide between the iKamper Skycamp 3.0 as well as the X-Cover 2.0 here there are a variety of crucial differences to be aware of. Skycamp is a true hardshell. Skycamp is a real hardshell and comes a shorter set-up time as well as the additional durability and protection from the weather of the fiberglass wall. The X-Cover however, on the contrary side, is priced at $700 less and 15 pounds lighter and can be used to transport bicycles, boats or surfboards over it (keep in mind that you’ll need to take off all of your items prior to putting the tent). With the latest update this X-Cover 2.0 has many of similar improvements to Skycamp. It also has a number of improvements compared to Skycamp which includes a brand-new mattress as well as a mattress cover. sturdy zippers, as well as the ability to store your bedding inside when you transport it. Both are practical models from one of the top brands available And a final choice will depend on the price you prefer the ease of setting up the weather protection, as well as the ability to carry.