Igloo ECOCOOL 52 ($50)

Best Coolers and Ice Chests of 2022 From premium rotomolded models with excellent ice retention to wheeled designs for easy transport,
Igloo ECOCOOL camping cooler

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51.7 qts. (49L)

10 lbs. 3.2 oz.

7, 30, 60, 90 qts.

Functional feature set and decent ice retention for the price.

No drain plug or latches and questionable long-term durability.

We generally stay clear of the majority of lower-cost coolers. They can be great for a couple of days however, they don’t have the impressive retention of ice found in high-end models and will not be able to withstand everyday outdoor usage. The Igloo ECOCOOL 52 isn’t free of these issues however, it’s much more balanced and practical than a lot of the competition priced at less than $50. It costs just $50. Igloo offers a large 52-quart capacity. The unique foam insulation does an excellent job at keeping food and beverages cold for 3 days (in the proper conditions obviously). The features are fairly well-organized for its price, and includes four self-draining cup holders as well as functional lifts in the bottom, which slightly lift the cooler off of the surface or bed of the truck. Igloo also added holes to the handles for swing-up, which allows users to connect an bungee through the handles to make the carrying of heavier loads more convenient.

In regards to overall build quality in terms of overall build quality, Igloo ECOCOOL is a good choice for overall build quality. Igloo ECOCOOL is a slight improvement over many of Coleman’s less expensive designs, but isn’t as good as the majority of the higher-end competitors. the recycled material used to construct the lid and body is definitely less comfortable and confident than the rotomolded models made by YETI, Xspec, ORCA and many others (again We’ve had YETIs stand up to more than 10 years of usage with little wear and tear to show for it). We’re also disappointed in the fact that Igloo did not include a drain plug. You’ll need to drain the water when the ice starts to melt, and the lid latches up and the cooler isn’t equipped with the security of a seal, and isn’t a good insulation. If you’re not ready to buy a cooler that costs more than $200 and you’re willing to set realistic expectations the Igloo is a great budget-friendly option for weekend getaways or excursions during the day like picnics and excursions to the farmers’ market.

Igloo ECOCOOL camping cooler