25 qts. (23.7L)


10 lbs. 5.4 oz.

Other sizes:

52, 72 qts.

What we like:

Significantly cheaper than the Roadie 24 and built to last.

What we don’t:

Middling ice retention.

In addition to Pelican’s 20QT elite above Igloo’s BMX 25 is yet another smaller capacity option for day rides. The main selling point is price. For $100 and up, the BMX beats the Roadie by an astounding $150, and that of the Pelican in price by just $100. This is great news for those with a limited budget. Igloo did not skimp on features, either. It has an ergonomic grab handle with three points that features rubber on the bottom to allow for ease of grip as well as an stainless steel kick plate for added protection, and -similar similar to Xspec 60 Pro above–a molded ruler that can be found on the lid to measure the size of the fish. In all Igloo is a great choice. Igloo is well-appointed constructed to last and offers a great price.

However, it’s essential to set realistic expectations at this point in time. We’ve seen this with low-cost models like Coleman Xtreme and Igloo’s own Coleman Xtreme and Igloo’s own ECOCOOL above, the BMX’s ability to retain ice is a significant reduction from the top-end models like YETI, RTIC, ORCA and many others (Igloo states it’s 4 days, which may seem to be a bit excessive). There are also reports of leaks around the lid because of the absence of a rubber seal. This could affect the cooling capacity of the BMX. It’s fair to say that the BMX is a significant improvement over the other ultra-cheap plastic models that are available however if you’re looking for more than a couple of days of the retention of ice, we recommend investing in an item like the Pelican 20QT Elite, or the YETI Roadie 24 , above.


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