HEST Sleep System Sleeping Pad ($449)

Double-wide and extremely comfortable, Exped’s premium self-inflating sleeping pad provides an excellent night's sleep for two

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Self-inflating mat

78 x 25 x 7 in

26 lbs.


Fully featured, durable, and the highest R-value on our list.

The heaviest and most expensive option here.

Combining top-quality materials with an ingenious multi-layered design HEST’s Sleep System is quite a different from the conventional self-inflating models above. Starting with the foam section on the mat it’s basically two mats that are one. The top layer is an open-cell foam that is incredibly shaped to your body. While the lower layer is a more dense mix for extra cushioning and support away from your body (or truck bed). Under this is an inflatable but sturdy base that offers solid construction and an more height. The end result is astonishing comfort and warmth. In fact, it is the most insulate and cushioned designs in our selection at 7 inches in thickness and the R value of 11.8.

There are some major drawbacks of this luxurious set-up. With a price of $449 and 26 pounds The HEST Sleep System is incredibly pricey and is a hassle to transport and store from your car to the campsite, even when you’re staying close to your vehicle. The HEST Sleep System comes with a practical storage bag with convenient compression straps, however the size packed is a hefty and heavy. If you’re not looking for the warmth of winter the HEST foam Sleeping Pad above can save you $150 , or around 15 pounds. the MegaMat from Exped Duo 10 above is cheaper at $380 (and will fit another camping vehicle). If you travel often and want to take advantage of the features and warmth it’s the best choice. Sleep System won’t disappoint.