HEST Foamy Sleeping Pad ($299)

Double-wide and extremely comfortable, Exped’s premium self-inflating sleeping pad provides an excellent night's sleep for two

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Memory foam mat

78 x 25 x 3.9 in. (Regular)

11 lbs.


Premium memory foam comfort in a camping-ready design.

Very large and bulky when packed; foam tends to harden in cold temperatures.

HEST is an relative newcomer in the sleep system market They’ve not wasted any time in making a premium line of high-end, ultra-comfortable pads. Our top pick of the year has to be their most recent Foamy Sleeping Pad that includes two layers of thick and soft memory foam, with an array of camping-specific features. It comes with a spacious compartment for storing a smartphone or keys, a waterproof fabric on the bottom and a deployable “welcome mat” to clean shoes and a removable cover that’s washable and machine-washable to make cleaning easy. The most important thing in comparison to air pad that self-inflates and self-inflates it’s a lot more convenient. Foamy is easy to set up and put away. Just unbuckle it to let it stretch as you arrive at the camp site Then wrap it up, and secure it using the strap-equipped compression harness once you’re ready to leave.


Car camping is an extremely challenging task, particularly for an entire family or a larger group We love equipment that can simplify and speed up the process. But, the drawback can be that HEST Foamy is notably massive and bulky when it is rolled up (it is approximately 15 inches. in diameter when it is secured by its straps). When we tested in the Foamy in Utah last year, we observed that the foam has the tendency to become hard and lose some smoothness when temperatures reached the lower to mid 30s Fahrenheit (and HEST doesn’t offer an R-value of this pad). However, this didn’t seem to reduce our excitement for the Foamy If you’ve got enough space, it’s among its most comfortable alternatives available and, by far, the easiest to utilize. If you’re looking for a more robust plush, warmer, and more comfortable option from HEST, with an inflatable base check out their sleep system that is top-of-the-line below.