20.5 x 18.9 x 25.2 in.

Seat height:

11.5 in.


1 lb.

What we like:

Incredibly lightweight and packable.

What we don’t:


With its ultra-light Compact Chair Zero, Helinox makes it much more feasible to carry an outdoor chair or even backcountry. With a weight of just 1 pound, even the Helinox is extremely sturdy due to its aluminum frame and poles made by highly-regarded DAC (the the same DAC which makes poles for the majority of the most popular tents for backpacking). Furthermore, the shock cord design ensures that this Chair Zero packs down to its compact size. It can be easily packed down and carry. It is able to be carried either on the outside or the inside of backpacks. In terms of portability , and lightweight it’s difficult to locate a more comfortable camping chair.

What is the price you pay for what you sacrifice with the Helinox Chair Zero? We recommend this chair for those who want to keep their the weight at a minimum. overall stability and comfort cannot compete with a more substantial model. The good thing is the Chair Zero is more comfortable than the rival Flexlite Air, though some people don’t like the sitting position that is upright. If you’re looking for more of a balanced look, Helinox sells their popular Chair One and Chair Two as well, which are priced higher as well as heavier than Zero but offer more natural, relaxed seating places. Helinox also has an Highback variant that is a variation of their Chair Zero that includes a higher-slung seat and a boost in support, for the additional weight of 8oz, and $40.


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