Cooking method:


Average cook time:

10-15 minutes

Calories per ounce:


What we like:

Extensive selection of nutritious staples for DIY backcountry meals.

What we don’t:

Vegetarian and gluten-free options only.

Harmony House’s website is similar to the bulk food aisle at the grocery store offering a variety of freeze-dried and dehydrated products. The ambitious backcountry chef can stock up on essentials: dried beans and vegetables and flavoured with meat TVPs (short for texture-rich vegetable protein) fruit and berries mixes and more, and you can save some money along the way. It is possible to pre-package food items at your home (Harmony House has different sizes of Zip pouches) or bring your food items to the field to make impromptu meals the evening’s meals.

Contrary to the majority of backcountry food brands, Harmony House does not offer meals that are pre-packaged, which restricts its appeal to experienced camp cooks or those who like to do-it-yourself. Furthermore, because Harmony House is completely vegetarian and gluten-free, you will not get dehydrated meats nor simple carbohydratesthat can be used to gain extra calories and protein when out on the trail. In addition, most hikers simmer the additional ingredients in a pan with instant noodles or rice (easily available from your local store) and this can lead to more clean-up than pouch meals. However, if you’re out on the trail for long periods and seeking a low-cost, healthy alternative to the pre-packaged meals you buy, Harmony House is a good place to start.

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