GSI Outdoors Selkirk 540 ($140)

Calling all camp chefs: your portable cooktop is ready

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2 @ 10,000 BTUs

10 lbs.

ood all-around performance for less than the competition.

Not a standout in cooking space or build quality.

One of the newest two-burner stoves that are available, the GSI Selkirk 540 is an immediate competitor to those two burners Camp Chef Everest and Eureka Ignite Plus over both in the price and performance. The good news: The stove is the cheapest of the three, priced at $140 , and is packed with features like the push-button ignition feature, micro control valves that allow you to adjust to control the heat, as well as ample space to hold two larger pans or pots in a row. In addition, GSI nailed the details with its easy-to-use and built-in handle for carrying, an exterior coated with powder and large windscreens that stop light winds from entering the stove.

What is the area where the Selkirk do better than its competition? The most obvious issue is the cooking area that is just a few inches less than what you can get from both Ignite Plus and the Everest 2X and Ignite Plus (21.4 inches. against. 25.2 or 23 inches. and 23 inches, respectively). Additionally it is also possible to connect the Ignite can be linked with other Eureka as well as Jetboil stoves to improve effectiveness and speed while making more complex meals. Additionally, some customers have complained about problems with the igniter as well as general quality of construction, but there is no perfect stove however the Selkirk is a decently reliable and sturdy for its cost. It is worth noting that GSI also offers the stove in the 460 model at a price of $100 and comes with two 10,000-BTU burners , but in a smaller, less compact style that will sacrifice lots of cooking capacity.